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Aiyappa Aiyappan Swami stands for the Lord's aspect that is All knowledge and power to sustain everything in the universe. So He can be considered emerged from both Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara) and appropriately known as the son of both. Shri Aiyappan Swami is also known as Lord Harihara in the Northern part of India. The Lord, when invoked as Aiyappan Swami, blesses devotees with knowledge and protection. The famous Aiyappan Swami temple is in Sabri Malai hills in the South India. The Vedic installation ceremony was performed on May 24 through May 30,1999 and was presided over by Kantaru Rajeevaru Tanatri the chief Tantri (priest) of Sabarimala Temple in Kerala.