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Durga Durga stands for the Lord's aspect that is All energy and power of the universe (Shakti). The energy protects the creation and considered feminine and consequently the deity has feminine and motherly form. She destroys All demonical elements to protect the good and consequently bears multitude of weapons in her arms. Kings in India have been devotees of Shakti to invoke her grace as they needed proper power to protect their subjects. The deity is also known as Mahishasurmardini, Chandika etc. The Lord, when invoked as Goddess Durga, blesses devotees with her power of protection, destroys ignorance and blesses with Knowledge. Though Durga holds weapons, She is calm and pleasant to the devotees and it is indicated by Her head leaning to right. This form is known as Shaantaswaroopini Durga. The Vedic installation ceremony was performed on April 23 through 25, 1999.

Culcutta Durga Puja Information