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Jagannathji Jagannath stands for the Lord's aspect that is the Care taker and the Controller of the universe. Here Lord Krishna stands as Shri Jagannathji and the dark color is attributed to Him. The elder brother Balaramji stands for no fascination for world's glittering material possessions and reveling in the intoxication of self joy. Krishna was very dear to him. Subhadra, as the sister of both Lord Krishna and Balaramji, stands for the very understanding intellect and as such is in the middle bridging the two aspects of the Lord. The Chakra standing for the element Time is on the left of Krishna. The Lord, when invoked as Jagannathji, blesses devotees by taking all care. The famous Jagannathji temple at Puri is in the Eastern India. The Vedic installation ceremony was performed on April 12, 1998.