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Radha Krishna The meaning of Krishna is the one who attracts All, so He stands for the Lord's aspect that is All joy (Ananda) in the universe. In His fullness He lends joy. The color blue is attributed to Krishna to indicate the limitlessness. The very presence of Life is joy because when it leaves the body it is a great sorrow. The music from Krishna's flute is very enchanting, because as long as He is breathing Life in the body the Life's music keeps flowing. Breathing can neither be started or stopped permanently at one's will. So all breathing is considered as His. The body and the flute are alike since both have holes through which expression takes place. Also,the beauty and Joy are inseparable because only a joyous mind will discover beauty. So Radha stands for All Beauty aspect of the Lord. Krishna's names are too numerous to state here. The Lord, when invoked as Lord Krishna, blesses devotees with joy and knowledge (teachings of Bhagvad Gita). The Vedic installation ceremony was performed on June 7 through 9, 1998.

Devotional Song of Krishna