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Rama Parivar The meaning of Rama is that which revels in Every heart and stands for the Lord's aspect that is All Righteousness (Dharma) and the order in the universe. Dharma is non-separate from strength, tenderness, firm resolve and sacrifice. The color blue is attributed to Shri Rama to indicate the limitlessness. Lakshamana stands for All self-control and complete dedication to All Dharma the order in the universe. The All forbearance is non-separate from All Dharma, so Sita as the consort is non-separate from Rama. The very active, powerful and thoughtful mind in total unconditional surrender to Dharma stands for Hanuman. These all non-separable aspects of the Lord are looked upon as a single family (Parivar). The Lord, when invoked as Shri Rama, blesses devotees with protection, compassion and commitment to righteousness. The Vedic installation ceremony was performed on June 20 through 23, 1999.