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Shiva The meaning of Shiva is All auspicious and it stands for the Lord's aspect that is All Knowledge both subjective and objective. Consequently, He is All fullness within and very easily pleased by devotees. All fullness has to be limitless (i.e. infinite) and the Shiva Linga captures this fact in the finite form. One can see no specific beginning or an end for a circle or a sphere. So the Shiva Linga stands for the Lord's limitlessness. Lord Shiva is known as Hara, Shankar, Shambhu and Neelkantha also. The Lord, when invoked as Shiva, blesses devotees with knowledge of Totality and anything else asked for. Anyone who has devotion to Shiva, even having animalistic instincts, the Lord removes these instincts and uses the person as His vehicle to bless the world and this is indicated by Nandi facing Shiva. The Vedic installation ceremony was performed on June 11 thru 14, 1998 and the deity is named as Lord Somanath Sadashiva. (The famous Somanath temple of Western India)

Devotional Song of Shiva Linga