Dear Friends and Devotees:

The temple offers the Vedic vision of the UNITY through proper understanding the essence of all diversities. There are in fact neither fourteen different Gods and Goddesses presented nor the Lord is confined to idols. Considering it as such would be no different than not recognizing US government beyond the Presidentís chair in the oval office. The presence of the US government is on the Moon, going around Mars and so on also. However, the citizens recognize and invoke the US government through various departments and embassies for different functions and needs. The Veda puts it as - though limbs of a body are different and varied the person is one only.

Shiva Vishnu Temple has covered Lordís all aspects through the Main Temple Hall. The Lord (Ishwara) is to be understood as both intelligent and material cause of the entire creation. However, each devotee is endowed with unique emotional and intellectual inclinations about which the Veda is very well aware of. It is obvious that one aspect of the Lord may attract a devotee more over Lord's other aspects. This attraction in turn arrests devoteeís wandering mind in all directions. Arresting mindís up and down trips brings out the inherent PEACE and thatís what the Main Temple Hall provides for all devotees. It is far from idolatry because the deity lifts the mind to its target that is the understanding alone. The whole process is magnificent if one thinks over and understands it. The temple continues to invite spiritual leaders from various organizations including Arsha Vidya and Chinmaya Mission to share this understanding.

The unity because of understanding is not confined to the four walls only. The Temple serves and promotes unity by reaching out for social well being of the society and its various sectors through cultural and social service activities.