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Vishnu The meaning of Vishnu is the one who pervades Everything mobile and immobile (including time and space), consequently He stands for the Lord's aspect that sustains everything. The color blue is attributed to Vishnu for infinite or limitlessness; similar to the colorless space and water appear blue as sky and ocean respectively. He holds Chakra in his hand that stands for the Time. Since He is limitless, All forbearance is His nature (unlike rivers, the ocean never floods). So Lord Vishnu bears the mark of "Bhrigu chinha" on His chest. He is also known as Hari. Shri Vishnu is very devoutly worshipped as Shri Venkateshwara in South India. His Thousand Names (Vishnu Sahasranaam) are very famous. The Lord, when invoked as Shri Vishnu, rushes out instantaneously to bless devotees and removes any distress. This instantaneous rushing to help devotees is indicated by Shri Garudaji as his vehicle. The Vedic installation ceremony was performed in July 3 through 5, 1998 and the Deity is named as Lord Badrinarayan. (The famous Badrinath temple of Northern India)

Devotional Song of Vishnu