Youth and the Shiva Vishnu Temple
"The Bridge to our Heritage is the link between our modern western lifestyle and rich religious and cultural roots of a time and place whence we came. Each member of our community owns a piece of this Temple and will forever know it as a place of they may call home."
      - Fountain of Youth, Oct 26, 1997.

Bridge to our Heritage
In Summer of 1997, a group of youth decided to contribute to the construction of the Shiva Vishnu temple of Cleveland as well as its ongoing maintenance and improvement. As a result Fountain of Youth was founded and has initiated an effort to raise much needed funds for the completion of the temple's construction. Fountain of Youth has decided to offer each member in our community the opportunity to own a piece of the temple, by making a minimum donation of $201.
The 165 Foot bridge that leads to East entrance of the temple, has been named The Bridge to our Heritage. Every member of our community can make a donation to have a child or parent's name engraved in one of the Granite tiles that will line its walls.